Psalm 88 – Heman Calling Out

At the brink.  Is that where you are?  Are you in the depths?  The pit? The fight?  If so, are you still calling?  Or have you given in?  God is still listening if you’re still calling.  And it’s worth not giving up. Inspiration today from the super-hero-namesake of Heman…

Lord, you are the God who saves me;
day and night I cry out to you.
2 May my prayer come before you;
turn your ear to my cry.
3 I am overwhelmed with troubles
and my life draws near to death.

9 I call to you, Lord, every day;
I spread out my hands to you.
10 Do you show your wonders to the dead?
Do their spirits rise up and praise you?
Psalm 88:1-3, 9-10

Does God show his wonders to the dead?  This is the question as Heman, grandson of the prophet Samuel, laments in his state of despair.  I don’t know what is going on in his life to make him feel this way, yet I have to admire his confidence in God.  He says that darkness is his closest friend, yet he calls out to God and wants to believe God will be there for him.

This is Job-like.  Dude has been through the wringer.  He’s wrung.  And still calling.

That’s what being a Heman is all about.  He-Man.  Or She-Man.  She-Ra.  Whatever.  There is a super-hero-like attitude of feeling the weight of one’s circumstance and being in the lowest pit you can imagine and still calling out to God.

Psalm 50 has some advice for us (which maybe Heman knows): “call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me” Psalm 50:15.

I know some people who feel like they are in this place.  I am praying for several people for whom cancer is threatening their lives.  I am praying for several people who struggle with addiction to heroin and cocaine.  There are few places closer to death than in the throes of these struggles.

Do you show your wonders in these situations, God?  You promise to deliver, and we will honour you for answering.  Please answer, God.  For all the Heman’s out there who are at the brink and still calling.

Our eyes are on you, Lord.


Marc Kinna


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