It Is Finished

Today is a great day to reflect upon what it means for it to be finished.  It is finished.  That was Jesus’ statement on the cross. With his declaration, not only was his personal mission and suffering over, our effort and good works to earn God’s favour are over as well…

Jesus said, “It is finished.”  With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.
John 19:30

When Jesus hung on the cross and had taken all the ridicule and torture and abandonment on himself for us, and after fulfilling what the scriptures said about him, he declared that it is finished.  Only then, long after we would have thought that death would have overwhelmed him, he gave up his spirit and accepted death.

The language of the Bible is very clear and intentional.  Although his own people crucified him and although all of our sin warranted the punishment he received, it was Jesus accepting this lot, and the Father ordaining this lot that resulted in Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

Jesus told Pilate just hours earlier that Pilate would have no authority to do anything to Jesus unless it was granted by the Father.  His time had finally come, and as he was in control of his own experience, Jesus chose when to complete the mission.

It was his destiny.  His ‘telos’ in the Greek language.  It was the end and ultimate purpose of his journey to earth, and Jesus would now return to heaven…

What is finished for you and me in Jesus’ death?  It should be the idea and the effort related to working for God’s love and favour.  Jesus’ death covers us.  When we accept this gift, God looks at us through the work of his Son.  There is no work or effort required or sufficient for us to earn heaven.  Heaven is the Father’s gift, paid for by the Son’s sacrifice.

Reflect this weekend on whether you and I live our lives like it is finished

May we worship God for his grace and love through Jesus.


Marc Kinna

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