Psalm 119 – Strangers Here

We need God to help us see the wonders in his word. His precepts for living are timeless and valuable.  We need open eyes and open hearts to see them clearly.  This requires us to view our place on earth as different from the way we think.  We are actually strangers here.

17 Be good to your servant while I live,
that I may obey your word.
18 Open my eyes that I may see
wonderful things in your law.
19 I am a stranger on earth;
do not hide your commands from me.
20 My soul is consumed with longing
for your laws at all times.
21 You rebuke the arrogant, who are accursed,
those who stray from your commands.
22 Remove from me their scorn and contempt,
for I keep your statutes.
23 Though rulers sit together and slander me,
your servant will meditate on your decrees.
24 Your statutes are my delight;
they are my counselors.
Psalm 119:17-24

The context for these verses is the status of the psalmist as a stranger on this earth.  That’s what we are – strangers, aliens, exiles waiting to return to our homeland, which is a heavenly place where we haven’t even been before…

And so, to navigate this place, we need God’s instructions, his word, his law, his commands, and this need should consume our hearts.  This means rejecting the guidance from the locals.

That’s what we do, right?  We often ask locals for advice when we are in an unfamiliar place.  That’s convenient on vacation, yet when we are in a place which is hostile to heaven, we are not likely to find helpful advice, are we?

Even when they look down on us for following the decrees of God, we will continue to meditate on God’s instructions and precepts.  They will be our delight and our counselors.  It’s a new way to think in a world which is increasingly hostile to our faith and our Lord Jesus.

Open our eyes, Lord.


Marc Kinna


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