Psalm 124 – God At Our Side

David asks the question today, ‘What if the Lord had not been on Israel’s side?’  His answer is a celebration of the sovereign hand of protection and guidance of God.  What about us?  What if the Lord was not present in our lives today?  Where would I be?

1 If the Lord had not been on our side—
let Israel say—
2 if the Lord had not been on our side
when people attacked us,
3 they would have swallowed us alive
when their anger flared against us;
4 the flood would have engulfed us,
the torrent would have swept over us,
5 the raging waters
would have swept us away.

6 Praise be to the Lord,
who has not let us be torn by their teeth.
7 We have escaped like a bird
from the fowler’s snare;
the snare has been broken,
and we have escaped.
8 Our help is in the name of the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth.
Psalm 124

If the Lord had not been on our side… Sometimes we take for granted the favour of God until we stop to ask, ‘What if God was not with us?’  Often people ask where God was when the tragedy struck.  David prompts us to ask how bad it might be if God wasn’t present at all?

What if God had not been on our side and protecting, watching, steering, blessing?

My life apart from God was not better.  It was not superior.  I did not have more freedom or more fun or better outcomes.  The presence of God in my life has kept me from many woes and foes.

In fact, if the Lord had not been on my side, I would have been a victim of the worst fate of all – living for myself by myself.

When David reflects on escaping from the teeth of the enemy, I think of how life on my own terms would have been more dog-eat-dog.  And the big dog is that Devil, prowling like a lion looking for people to devour…

If not for the Lord.

I am thankful.  I am thankful for my life following Jesus.  I am thankful that I have a family and a partner in the grace of life in my wife.  I’m thankful that God has preserved and protected us – that he is the centre of us.

How about you?  If not for the Lord…


Marc Kinna


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