Dog Folly

Sarge the dog finished his breakfast the other day and within a couple of minutes, he vomited it up on the door mat outside.  It’s hard to know why, yet predictable as the sunrise, he went over and ate it all up.  This dog truth is documented in the Proverbs…

11 As a dog returns to its vomit,
so fools repeat their folly.
Proverbs 26:11

We are thankful that Sarge cleans up after himself, yet that isn’t what we are to learn here.  Fools don’t clean up after themselves.  Fools return to the same folly over and over because they cannot help themselves.  That’s the point.  Don’t be a fool.  I pity the fool…

Paul visits this idea in Romans 7 in his dialogue on sin.  We do what we do not want to do and we don’t do the things that we want to do.  We repeat this pattern of behaviour over and over.  We return to the same folly even though we know it is folly.  We know it will get us in trouble.  We know it will become our downfall if we submit to it again and again.

Self-control, as we learned the other day, is like building and maintaining a wall around the city of your life.  And one great definition of self-control is not doing what we want to do while doing what we do not want to do.

How are you doing in this area?  There are days when I feel like a C+ is as high as my grade can be.  Don’t feel like you are alone in this area.  This is Sin Nature 101. And it’s why Proverbs is so full of wisdom and advice on living.  We need to bathe in this stuff to counteract the dogs within us.  It’s why Paul teaches us in Romans 6 to count ourselves dead to sin and to embrace the Spirit within us.

If the Spirit is guiding our steps, the dogs within us will be kept on a leash.

Surrendering again. #nofool #nofolly


Marc Kinna

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