Covenant With Your Eyes

The lust of our eyes can set us up to desire what we should not, expect what we won’t receive, and be dissatisfied with what should fulfill and complete us. Our partners cannot live up to our concocted fantasies.  So today, our challenge is to make a covenant with our eyes…

1 “I made a covenant with my eyes
not to look lustfully at a young woman.
2 For what is our lot from God above,
our heritage from the Almighty on high?
3 Is it not ruin for the wicked,
disaster for those who do wrong?
4 Does he not see my ways
and count my every step?
Job 31:1-4

When was the last time you made a covenant with your eyes?  Maybe that’s a new idea for you today.  You know your weaknesses.  Do any relate to the lust of the eyes?  Our eyes can get us in trouble pretty quickly.

This is for all of us – not just men, which is what we typically think. Our eyes can set us up to desire what we should not, or to expect what we likely won’t receive, and in the end, to be dissatisfied with what should fulfill and complete us.

That’s the end of such lust.  We desire a person whom we should not have, who likely doesn’t exist or who is facade of desire with no structure behind, and while we are fixating on that person, our expectations rise toward our partner and our satisfaction plummets.

Our partners cannot live up to our concocted fantasies.  And therefore, our eyes can dismantle our love relationships.  Our eyes build houses of cards, which do not compare to the house built on the rock of Christ.

Our lot from God above is not that end.  Our heritage from the Almighty is not that miserable, cheap, phony thrill.

Notice that Job has made a covenant with his eyes to not fall into that trap, and he recognizes a truth which we ought to keep front and centre: God sees our ways and counts our steps.

We don’t do it in a vacuum.  We don’t fantasize about the strong man or the sexy woman outside of God’s gaze.  And be careful about lusting after what is good: we don’t fantasize about the reliable husband who has integrity or the attentive wife who manages the details, outside of God’s watchful eye.

If your spouse is not measuring up, the answer is not to look in want at your friend’s spouse who is all that and more. God is counting our steps, and every step we take toward lust is a step away from God and a step away from the right relationship with our partner.

If you are single, all the more concern, because if your picture of the perfect soul mate is based on the profile which lust generates in your mind, you will never find what you are looking for.  You are destined to be dissatisfied and you will dissatisfy every person with whom you enter relationship. Lust is all about you, and relationships are all about the other person and how your real lives will blend together. Lust is a third person in that relationship, and lust will drive a wedge between you every time.

Make a covenant with your eyes today.


Marc Kinna


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