Sow Toward God

We often choose life decisions which deprive us of God’s best, drifting into wanting to hear what pleases our ears. Are you sowing your life to please God do your sins deprive you of his best? Sow your life toward God for time. Trust Jesus for eternity. Be found faithful…

1 “Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem,
look around and consider,
search through her squares.
If you can find but one person
who deals honestly and seeks the truth,
I will forgive this city.
2 Although they say, ‘As surely as the Lord lives,’
still they are swearing falsely.”
3 Lord, do not your eyes look for truth?
You struck them, but they felt no pain;
you crushed them, but they refused correction.
They made their faces harder than stone
and refused to repent.
4 I thought, “These are only the poor;
they are foolish,
for they do not know the way of the Lord,
the requirements of their God.
5 So I will go to the leaders
and speak to them;
surely they know the way of the Lord,
the requirements of their God.”
But with one accord they too had broken off the yoke
and torn off the bonds.

11 The people of Israel and the people of Judah
have been utterly unfaithful to me,”
declares the Lord.
12 They have lied about the Lord;
they said, “He will do nothing!
No harm will come to us;
we will never see sword or famine.

23 But these people have stubborn and rebellious hearts;
they have turned aside and gone away.
24 They do not say to themselves,
‘Let us fear the Lord our God,
who gives autumn and spring rains in season,
who assures us of the regular weeks of harvest.’
25 Your wrongdoings have kept these away;
your sins have deprived you of good.

30 “A horrible and shocking thing
has happened in the land:
31 The prophets prophesy lies,
the priests rule by their own authority,
and my people love it this way.
But what will you do in the end?
Jeremiah 5:1-5, 11-12, 23-25, 30-31

Our wrongdoing keeps God’s blessings and best for us away: our sins have deprived us of good (vs 25). Isn’t that funny? Sometimes people who feel like they haven’t caught a lucky break or had a good bounce look up and ask why God is holding back from them. The idea is that God should be equitably distributing his goodness and blessing to all people. That’s what a good god would do.

Except that God isn’t working in a vacuum with amoral creatures when it comes to humanity. He is interacting with moral beings who understand good and evil. And through our actions, we are choosing life decisions which deprive us of God’s best.

And, wait for it… some of us love it this way (vs 31). Prophets lie and tell us what we want to hear (i.e. prosperity teaching), leaders rule by their own authority, instead of directing the people heavenward unto God’s authority, and God’s people love it this way. God’s people. Yup. Even followers of God drift into wanting to hear what pleases their ears and leads them where they want to go.

This is unfaithfulness. This is self-serving. And we think that God either won’t notice or that no harm will come from our attitudes and behaviour. Since when has that ever been the case in the world? We live in the world of action and reaction. Our attitudes impact our lives everyday (just try out your bad attitude on your employer). Our behaviour informs our future (looking for that scholarship or promotion?); we earn our way in this world.

With God, likewise, we are on an earning cycle. Not that heaven is something we can earn. That will never be true. We can only see heaven by believing in Jesus, who is God’s gift to the world. Jesus lived the perfect, pleasing life God the Father expects, and he died to bear the ultimate penalty for each of us to become perfect in the eyes of God. That’s heaven. We will be resurrected into eternal life by trusting in Jesus, who was resurrected into eternal life after dying for us.

The earning cycle we are on is the cycle of sowing and reaping in time. In time, God offers his best to those who seek him and sow to righteousness. Is that you? Are you sowing your life to please God or are your sins depriving you of his best? I know… the answer is that you have good days and bad days. I get it.

Jeremiah couldn’t find anyone in Jerusalem who was faithfully sowing toward God. God said to him that he would forgive the whole city if Jeremiah found one person who seeks the truth. Sound familiar? Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot’s family barely escaped, and his wife turned back and turned into a pillar of salt. No turning back.

Sow your life toward God for time. Trust Jesus for eternity. Be found faithful.


Marc Kinna

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