Pride, Humility, and Living to Tell of God’s Goodness

King Hezekiah was tripped up by pride in his success and power: believed his own hype.  When we listen to our fans too much our heads swell.  Today we see that the purpose of God in getting our attention through his discipline is so that we will repent and live… Continue reading

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Look to the One

Where you at? Are you preparing to fight battles against formidable foes under human strength? Or do you look to the One? Do you recognize that you need God now, more than ever? He is waiting. He is listening. To see if you will call to the One who loves you… Continue reading

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Time for Sabbath

The practice of Sabbath is key to our wholehearted devotion to God. When was the last time you devoted a block of time to reflect on God’s goodness and grace, his love and compassion, his holiness and righteousness? People who Sabbath are closer to God… Continue reading

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The Courage of Seeking God First

What enemies or obstacles are threatening you today? Is there a Goliath taunting you? If you have not established a life of wholehearted devotion to God, you will have a difficult time relying on him. Will you seek God first today before you face your trouble? Continue reading

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Forever King

Babylon. We are exiles here. We are not citizens of this place. Our hope rests in the victory of Jesus, and we await his arrival to declare his victory. Babylon is already defeated, and on that day every knee will bow and every tongue will acknowledge Jesus the forever king. Continue reading

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New Heart

The human heart is beyond cure through human measures. When we trust in God, though, he gives us new hearts which are aligned with him: God will make you completely new if you surrender your life to Jesus today. Will you seek after the heart of God to make it yours? Continue reading

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Serving Fellow Wanderers

I was not left here to wander aimlessly through life, but rather to serve in the movement of Jesus. Jesus offers rescue from the things which enslave us. We are the messengers and ambassadors of his rescue, saved from our slavery into the service to our fellow wanderers. Continue reading

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