Gratitude Gap

After healing ten people, only one came back to thank Jesus and he was a foreigner.  Jesus’ own people went on their way and did not glorify God. Have you been healed or saved or rescued or blessed by God in your life? What are you doing to show your gratitude? Continue reading

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God’s Rescue

Just as God cares for his creation and watches over it, he cares even more for you and me. His love is based on who he is and what he has done for us in Jesus.  And his love leads him to rescue us from deep waters. Do you need God’s rescue today? Call upon him. Continue reading

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I am going to ask God today to reveal my errors in perspective. I am asking God to reveal truth to me so that I can confront reality and let him steer me down his straight path. Would you join me? Today we see how we lie to ourselves and where to find truth… Continue reading

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Used By God

God shows us many times in scripture that he is in complete control of every situation and steers the lives and hearts of even those opposed to him for his own will and purposes. Today we see the high priest Caiaphas used by God toward the crucifixion of the Lord… Continue reading

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Resurrection Power and Hope

Everything focuses on Jesus. In the story of Lazarus’ death, we see Jesus glorify himself in raising his friend from the dead. “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies… Do you believe this?” Experience the power and hope of Jesus! Continue reading

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Responding to the Advances of God

If someone came back from the dead, would that convince you that God is real? If someone you know and love came back and warned you that heaven and hell are real, would it change your behaviour or your beliefs? We think so, don’t we? Jesus disagrees… Continue reading

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All Prodigals

When you encounter a prodigal, choose to see yourself in them. You’ll stand a better chance of catching God’s perspective on the situation. We are all recipients of grace just like the prodigals who return to God.  Even if we think we have never left the fold… Continue reading

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