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When we do what is right in our commitment to God, we will inevitably be persecuted. Jesus says to expect this. If we do what Jesus would not do, however, thinking that we are pleasing him, we may find ourselves … Continue reading

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I remember when my kids were in hockey their coaches would constantly reinforce the power of keeping their feet moving. Skate, skate, skate!! Today we look at how diligence and hard work are a core part of God’s expectation for … Continue reading

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What About Him?

Just as our gifts, calling, and assignments from the Lord will be different, the outcomes, rewards, and consequences of serving God will differ. God will glorify himself in our lives in many different ways, depending on the person. So just … Continue reading

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Of Prophets and Blessing

Today Jesus cautions us that if people speak well of us, it should be because we are true to God. Not because we are eloquent or because our message is appealing to others. Blessed are the mistreated if the are … Continue reading

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Little Bean Crown

For grandparents, their children’s children are a crown. We often think of kings and queens wearing crowns as a sign of their royalty and their power. In the Bible, however, crowns are often referred to as future awards. That’s why … Continue reading

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