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Gift Roles For Unity And Maturity

Today, reach out and thank those who fulfill the gift roles in your church. Jesus gave them to us so that we will rise above wind and waves of falsehood to grow into maturity of belief, thought, and practice, attaining … Continue reading

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The outcome in a city where the Body of Christ practices biblical community is that the people in the community around the church have favour toward God and the church. We will have favour among people as we follow Jesus, … Continue reading

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The Body of Christ

Every person who believes in Jesus is baptized by the Holy Spirit to form one body, the body of Christ. Jesus is our head, and each of us is part of his body. The church is unified as one, with … Continue reading

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Golf and the Body of Christ

We are one. Even though we are different. We are stronger together. We bring God glory… together. Therefore, we should value each other as God does. He made us all differently and gifted us for his purposes. He calls us … Continue reading

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Back to Basics Church

The purpose of church is for you to minister to others and be ministered to. We receive and we step behind the table and serve others. Then we sing and pray about how blessed we are to be loved by … Continue reading

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