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Beyond Law to Grace

The mission of Jesus is fulfilled when we admit that we cannot meet the standard of God and shift our attention and emphasis to the one who loves us and wants to forgive us. Emphasizing law and rules pushes reconciliation … Continue reading

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Most Important Commandment

Love the Lord your God. Love your neighbour. That’s what Jesus said is most important. I know that when I surrender to love and stop trying to tick boxes or follow ritual, I get closer to God and God’s intent … Continue reading

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Good Christian’s Grace

We cannot do anything to earn God’s favour. It is a free gift when you believe in Jesus. Yet, we still tell people to stop doing this and start doing that in order to be a good Christian. No. A … Continue reading

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Commands for THIS Generation

We are on the threshold of our future; the kingdom of God is now.  And as we enter the land we have been given around us to be salt and light, our command from Jesus himself is to Love God … Continue reading

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