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Incensed by Pride

When pride swells, we think our rights swell and we impose ourselves on others. We learn this today from the life of King Uzziah, whose pride made him unfaithful to God. God will not be mocked, and Uzziah found himself … Continue reading

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God Steps Back

If we really, really think we know better, God can be provoked to step back and let us have our way for a while. You want freedom? You think you know better? Okay… have at ‘er. Isaiah helps us see … Continue reading

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Tough Situations God’s Doing

The tough situation we are in may very well be God’s plan for us today and the consequence of our unfaithfulness.  God is proved right when he speaks and justified when he judges. If we humble ourselves before him, he … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the Hand of God

I heard this week that the situation is not about the situation.  The situation is about what God is doing in us through the situation. Oftentimes, our circumstances display God working in us and through us to his glory in … Continue reading

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Free Grace and Expensive Greed

Just as gracious as God is with us, he is also expectant of our righteousness.  God’s grace is not a free pass.  Today Naaman learns how free God’s gifts are, and Gehazi learns that servants of God are not free … Continue reading

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Mocking God

God will not be mocked and we will reap what we sow.  It’s time to check ourselves against the holiness and faithfulness of the Holy God of the universe.  Sometimes we think that we can do what we want without … Continue reading

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Prophecy for the Proud

Don’t think that because you have momentum in your sin that you are safe. That pride you are hanging onto? Let it go.  That idea that God isn’t in control and that you are earning your success and greatness? Let … Continue reading

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