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Open to Admonishing

People don’t want to be told. Not what to do, how to do it, or what to believe. The modern – or post-modern – view of life is that each person can and should do what they want the way … Continue reading

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Guatemala VI: Jose the Teacher Student

Jesus said that when we are fully trained we will be like our teacher, yet he also revealed that we will not exceed our teachers. We need teachers who are excellent so we can be excellent. Jesus is that ultimate … Continue reading

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Inner Being Outer Fruit

Today we focus away from life’s fruit for a moment and onto the roots of the tree: the inner being. How’s your behaviour? How’s your decision-making? Let’s look down. Under the soil to our roots. How is your inner being? … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Discipline: A Tremendous Gift

When it comes to the Lord’s correction, if we can receive it, process it, harvest learning from it, and improve as a result, the Lord has given us a tremendous gift. He loves us and delights in us and wants … Continue reading

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Fragile Discipleship

“Will you really lay down your life for me?” Jesus asks the rhetorical question. He knows better. He knows us better. We will pledge more than we can muster. This is when we realize that our discipleship is more fragile … Continue reading

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