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The outcome in a city where the Body of Christ practices biblical community is that the people in the community around the church have favour toward God and the church. We will have favour among people as we follow Jesus, … Continue reading

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Vulnerability and Deeper Community

What does it mean to share experience? Is social media enough? Is that sharing? Is that community? In some ways it is community. In many cases, it is a pathetic substitute. In fact, it can fuel loneliness. Vulnerability in relationship … Continue reading

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Spurring in Community

Our love and good deeds and fellowship matter more and more the closer we get to Jesus coming. Our world needs our love and God’s love more and more as that Day approaches. So let’s consider how to spur each … Continue reading

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Walk With The Wise

When we walk with fools, we can expect to be foolish. So find people you can look up to in life and faith and walk with them. Each person I look up to has stuff in their DNA or their … Continue reading

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Guatemala VII: Kinship With the Least of These

Jesus didn’t look down on the homeless. He invited them in. It was a matter of kinship. Jesus goes beyond the handout to the invitation, the looking after, and the visitation. Jesus knows what it is like to be homeless. … Continue reading

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