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What About Him?

Just as our gifts, calling, and assignments from the Lord will be different, the outcomes, rewards, and consequences of serving God will differ. God will glorify himself in our lives in many different ways, depending on the person. So just … Continue reading

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The Invitation

Would you give Jesus a chance to guide your next step, even though you think you already know what will happen next? Jesus has an invitation for something different today. A new direction. Answer his invitation. Follow him…

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Follow Me

If your friends’ opinions are really important to you, this can lead you to make choices which you would not otherwise make. That’s peer pressure. By contrast, you will never go wrong following Jesus. Following Jesus puts us into the … Continue reading

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Jesus: Eating With Sinners & Inviting You to Join

God has been planning to meet you since before you were born, and Jesus wants to meet you right now. He pursues you and comes to you to offer for you to follow him. Don’t be self-righteously healthy and proud. … Continue reading

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Jesus Conversation

This is the story of real people without agenda or pretense, just like you and me, coming to Jesus. This is our story. They enter the Jesus conversation as he asks them, “What are you looking for?” And even if … Continue reading

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