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Underground Persecuted

We are one church. One Church. One Body. The Body of Christ. And as such, what is happening to persecuted Christians globally is happening to all of us. God may well also visit the blessing of persecution on us. How … Continue reading

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Freedom Life Transformation

God will reveal himself to us when we turn our hearts toward the Lord. And in this revelation from the Father, through Jesus, the Spirit brings us freedom and life as we are transformed in ever-increasing glory into his likeness.

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Freedom into Family and Community

When we consider freedom in relationship to God, it is always from being enslaved into new life with God in community and family. That’s freedom. And it is a different definition of freedom than what the world teaches. Not autonomous. … Continue reading

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Anointed Proclamation

The Lord’s favour is here in the person of Jesus! I need good news. I need freedom. I need healing. I long for the favour of God. And so, I fully accept Jesus at his word and in his presence. … Continue reading

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New Wine

This is new wine into new wineskins: We follow Jesus as the Lord of all… Jesus is the bridegroom. Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath. The whole story of God’s people is inextricably linked to who Jesus is and … Continue reading

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I visited the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia last week. I have seen it before, yet this time I was struck by the story of the Bell, once it was removed from active service, going on a road show from town … Continue reading

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Debt Free

Feel the weight lifted. Enjoy the freedom. Take joy in the proclamation that there now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus! Jesus made a spectacle of the powers and authorities of evil, disarming them and triumphing over … Continue reading

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