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God’s Kindness Our Repentance

Sometimes we show contempt for God’s kindness. As we follow our own evil hearts instead of obeying God, he bears with us to a point, hoping we will repent. We often ignore God’s grace, though, and wait until he disciplines … Continue reading

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Parables of Vineyards

Consider that you have been ordained by God to impact this world for the Lord, with the Lord, and in the Lord. And the Lord is in you to accomplish his will – to bear his fruit. Remain in Jesus … Continue reading

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Jesus is the Answer to Avoiding Sin

We are to throw off the sin that so easily entangles. Sin is doing what we do not want to do.  You see, when we walk close to God, we can easily identify sin and commit to avoid it.  Then … Continue reading

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Seeking God in Hardship

Hardship does not spring from the soil. It comes from ourselves, others, or the Lord.  And be careful in how you characterize God in your predicament.  God knows what you face, and whether he has caused it or allowed it, … Continue reading

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Drawing Us Near Through Babylon

Habakkuk calls out to God regarding the wrongdoing of his own people.  Why is God putting up with them?!?  The answer is that God has a plan, and sometimes it’s to work through people who are against us to draw … Continue reading

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Responding to Exile

Following the story of Judah, we see today that we are equal before God and his promise and even his discipline flow with equal measure. We rebel, and then as God deals with us, we react and even counteract God’s … Continue reading

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Making Good

Today Jonah has to make a sacrifice?  In order to make good on his surrender and commitment to God, he needs to sacrifice his judgemental attitude toward others whom God loves.  We receive compassion from God.  We don’t determine the … Continue reading

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