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More of Who I Am

I was listening to elders discuss aging and perspectives of aging this week. They were discussing what it has been like for them to get older and how the world treats them. One of these elders shared, “I am more … Continue reading

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God desires for us to bear much fruit.  In fact, God has prepared good works for us to do in advance.  His plan for our lives is to remain connected to Jesus so that we can stay connected to God’s … Continue reading

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Joseph: Lessons for a Microwave World

When Joseph explains his story to his brothers, we learn two vital truths about God’s relationship with his children.  These are the hardest faith lessons we will ever learn, yet if we can live them, our lives will never be … Continue reading

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Imperishable Plan

We are part of something imperishable.  Although we would wither and fade, in God’s eternal plan, we are part of something born of the imperishable.  This changes our outlook and certainly influences our relationships with each other and with the … Continue reading

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Hannah Cries Out

Hannah’s womb was closed by the Lord.  Have you ever wondered why God would not just allow, but actually cause a couple to go childless?  On the face of the situation it defies logic, yet when we see the purpose … Continue reading

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God’s Plan Emerges

The Lord is the Lord of generations and the story of his people.  The story of Ruth reminds me of the story of Joseph, in which God orchestrated the salvation of his people through the merciless act of Joseph’s brothers.  … Continue reading

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God Only Knows

Time for some awe.  Why?  Dunno.  In fact, I can’t even conceive of it.  Can’t predict it.  Never see it coming.  Haven’t heard about it beforehand.  Yet when it happens I’m in awe.  When what happens?  God’s blessing.  Revealed by … Continue reading

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