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Disturbing King

What does the birth of Jesus signify in your life and who will sit on your throne? My throne? Yeah… The throne of your life. Who has the right to sit on the throne of your life and reign over … Continue reading

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Plans, Pride, and God’s Perspective

Today we see a link between the plans we make and the underlying motivations of our hearts. God considers both, and we can be sure he is sovereign in our lives. His expectation is that from pure hearts we will … Continue reading

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Sovereign Sacrifice

Today we study the apostles’ prayer after the authorities put Jesus to death: “They did what your power and will had decided beforehand should happen.” God acted in his sovereignty, through those who opposed him, to sacrifice of his son … Continue reading

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Used By God

God shows us many times in scripture that he is in complete control of every situation and steers the lives and hearts of even those opposed to him for his own will and purposes. Today we see the high priest … Continue reading

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Steering Toward Eternity

We should bend our knee to the Almighty, yet often we judge God: we only want God’s intervention and control in situations which are not going our ways. In his wisdom, though, God selectively intervenes with both wrath and grace … Continue reading

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