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It is important to recognize that God starts with action before word. God is not a teller who doesn’t follow through. First and foremost God shows us, in creation, in the rescue of Israel, in the incarnation, and in the … Continue reading

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The Heart, The Hold, And Perseverance

Everything starts with a humble, soft heart to hear the word of God. The fruitful in God’s world then retain his word. They hold on to it. They treasure it. And then the path to fruitfulness is paved with perseverance, … Continue reading

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God’s Word

All the truth and promise of Scripture is in Jesus and comes through Jesus. The Word of God is essential to live and thrive in following the Lord. It helps us stay strong for God and surrendered to his will. … Continue reading

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Look in the Mirror

Many of us don’t want God to interfere with our business. We know what his Word says, yet after reading it, we walk away and forget what it says. The contrast is to remember and honour the Word of God. … Continue reading

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Armour of God I: The Belt of Truth

Truth is the belt in our suit of armour. We aren’t playing a game. We are fighting a battle. Be strong in the Lord as you enter that battle. Do you have truth in you? You may want to consider … Continue reading

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