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Glimpse of Glory

We often walk by, overlook, or take for granted God’s expressions of glory here on earth, increasingly losing our sense of reverence before God as our world offers more and more shiny baubles for us to admire. Today we see … Continue reading

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Sorry? Come Now…

God hides his eyes from us and stops listening when we bring him lip service prayers and false contrition.  Sorry only goes so far.  Often, sorry is the lip service to get us out of trouble, yet in our hearts, … Continue reading

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Blaming the Righteous and Just

In our relationships with God, we typically over-estimate our righteousness and we underestimate God’s righteousness.  Especially when we are unhappy with our situations.  Three key truths for today: things happen, we reap what we sow, and God is merciful…

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Sheep of the Good Shepherd

God intervenes in the lives of the people of earth to reveal himself and persuade them that Jesus is the Lord who wants to shepherd them. Where do we stand in our understanding of the Lord Jesus? The people of … Continue reading

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Jesus: Grace and Glory

See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God like we fall short of the glory of God. Jesus lived a perfectly holy and sinless life, became for us the perfect lamb of sacrifice on the … Continue reading

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Haman’s Justice

Through the life and anger of Haman, we are reminded of Jesus’ teaching to exercise caution in judging other people – the same measure of justice will be used back on us. Be careful what you ask for.  As God’s … Continue reading

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Love, Grace, Discipline, Correction

Would you like to be separated from your sin so that it does not have control over you and continued impact on your life?  Today God offers us this opportunity in his care.  Love and grace, though, come with discipline … Continue reading

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