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Calling Out to False gods

The people had forsaken God, and then they created idol gods which could never help them. We do the same: we forsake God and go our own ways, create idols to worship after our ideas and desires and even sins.  … Continue reading

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Sources of Strength

When we face adversity and battle, why are we not going to God? Why do we rely on human strength instead?  Turn to the one who can calm storms and command waves and wind with his voice.  May God and … Continue reading

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Good Shepherd’s Care

The comfort and hope from idols and false visions and dreams is vain and empty.  Why do we hope in these empty promises?  Only Jesus leads us to the abundant life of God our Father.  He is the Good Shepherd … Continue reading

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Fixing Our Eyes

Jesus is over all things and people – he is both the ultimate sent-one of God in our world and the ultimate intermediary between us and God.  And the good news is that he takes humble you and me and … Continue reading

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Making the Most: Sacred Snakes

Have you been given the opportunity to lead others or take a position of responsibility in life?  How will you make the most of your time in leadership?  Will you seek the fulfill the Lord’s will when it comes to … Continue reading

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Under New Management

Corruption was Queen of Judah.  They were worshiping idols, which needed to be destroyed, and the people needed to turn back toward God.  Under the priest Jehoiada’s leadership, Judah covenanted to ‘be the Lord’s people’ again.  It was a new … Continue reading

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Idols and Inheriting Eternal Life

Today we are confronted with our allegiances to things and our goodness and other idols. God wants us to be humble and put him ahead of ourselves.  And anything we hold tighter than our trust in Him keeps us from … Continue reading

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