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Tough Situations God’s Doing

The tough situation we are in may very well be God’s plan for us today and the consequence of our unfaithfulness.  God is proved right when he speaks and justified when he judges. If we humble ourselves before him, he … Continue reading

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Faithful Response to a Messy World

Job asks: why does God allow the wicked to prosper, the poor and needy to be abused, and then inflict harm on the righteous? There never seems to be a day of reckoning.  Our perspective and our response must reflect … Continue reading

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One Death, One Eternity

After we pass over into eternity, we cannot change the course of our eternity.  So use the time you have to influence your eternity.  Are you living expectantly for the return of Jesus?  He is coming back to bring eternal … Continue reading

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Level Ground

Lord, keep us humble. Take away our judgemental spirits.  Just when we think we stand, are perfect, and that all the attention should be on the sins of others, God reminds us that we are not as holy as we … Continue reading

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Justice, Vengeance, and Following Jesus

Sometimes it’s hard to separate what I am taught to do by God from how God acts and views things.  Jesus’ teaching to us about judging, vengeance, and mercy is for us and for now.  We are to leave justice … Continue reading

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God’s Justice Our Love

We are to overcome evil with good.  Not with evil.  Not with revenge.  Leave that to God.  Are you able to do that?  Can you exercise enough self-control and faith to leave it alone?  God has kept justice for himself … Continue reading

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Mercy Not Judgement

In the story of the adulterous woman, Jesus does not condemn her even though he had claimed that all authority has been given to him.  If that’s so, why did he let her off the hook?  Turns out that Jesus … Continue reading

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