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Eager Hope

The next time you celebrate communion – the Lord’s Supper – do it in remembrance with eager hope. We ought to eagerly desire to eat the communion meal just as Jesus did, as eating the meal together marks one supper … Continue reading

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Last Supper of Jesus

Jesus shared a final dinner – the Last Supper – with his followers before his arrest. These are precious moments. He has only a few hours before he will be arrested, tried, and crucified. So what does he talk about? … Continue reading

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Gather as One

We are not individuals charting a course through the wilderness on a solo run toward a hidden paradise. We are a band of brothers and sisters who bring each other along with a no-one-gets-left-behind commitment to the whole. Gather together, … Continue reading

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Jesus: God’s Sustaining Provision

Don’t turn back. Even when confronted with teaching or language in your conversations with Jesus which you don’t understand, don’t turn back. Press in. Ask more questions. Keep following, listening, and witnessing Jesus’ love. He is God’s provision for you…

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Desiring to Eat with Us

Today we read of the Last Supper, which Jesus says he desired to eat with his followers. That’s Jesus.  Even when we were living in rejection of God and going our own ways, Jesus still wanted to eat with us.  … Continue reading

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