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Judging on the Sabbath

Jesus himself is Lord of the Sabbath, and it was made for us to have rest and reflection on the goodness of creation and our relationship with our Maker. It is good to stop. Don’t make it a reason to … Continue reading

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Steering Toward Eternity

We should bend our knee to the Almighty, yet often we judge God: we only want God’s intervention and control in situations which are not going our ways. In his wisdom, though, God selectively intervenes with both wrath and grace … Continue reading

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Blaming the Righteous and Just

In our relationships with God, we typically over-estimate our righteousness and we underestimate God’s righteousness.  Especially when we are unhappy with our situations.  Three key truths for today: things happen, we reap what we sow, and God is merciful…

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Finding Mercy in Exile

How often does the Lord need to use our circumstances or pain or other forms of discipline before we will humble ourselves before him? We find today that the path of mercy with God is a path of repentance, humility, … Continue reading

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Remember: Passing on the Grace

Remember what you were… Part of applying the grace and love of God in our lives and following Jesus is remembering where we were.  Just like Israel was always pointed back to remember Egypt, we have been rescued from our … Continue reading

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Balancing Justice and Mercy

Much to our dismay, God will often not judge those we would judge, choosing mercy.  He also holds high standards in cases where we probably wish he was more lenient.  The heavenly balance of justice stretches our minds and challenges … Continue reading

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Justice, Vengeance, and Following Jesus

Sometimes it’s hard to separate what I am taught to do by God from how God acts and views things.  Jesus’ teaching to us about judging, vengeance, and mercy is for us and for now.  We are to leave justice … Continue reading

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