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Take Hold

Because God loves you, Jesus intends to call you, save you, fill you, commission you, and then share eternity with you. That’s why he wants to take hold of you. I challenge and encourage you to respond to him and … Continue reading

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Stepping up Perseverance

Perseverance is the undying focus on and commitment to our end goal. I want the end goal to be so important in my life that nothing will throw me off. I would like to run further and longer and with … Continue reading

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Holy Spirit: Launching the Church

Today we are challenged to live by the Spirit of God. Live in his power. Accomplish his mission for you in him. Today. Every day. Not only do we need the Spirit to understand the teaching of God, we also … Continue reading

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Sent By The Father

Why did God the Father send Jesus? God so loved the world that he sent his son as our Saviour to die for our sins, rising again on the third day to defeat sin and death. If not sent by … Continue reading

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Making the Most: Worry Time

What does worrying say about the way we make the most of our time?  When we focus our energy on what might happen tomorrow, and whether our needs will be met, is that a good use of our time?  Jesus … Continue reading

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Wrestling with Mission in the Garden

We see today that Jesus wrestled with going through with his sacrifice.  He knew that consistent prayer is required to keep us on the mission of God in our lives.  And when he was under the most attack and feeling … Continue reading

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Steward Purpose

When God leads us into fruitful and abundant places, we are to reflect back on God’s provision and his grace and generosity toward us in equipping and empowering us.  For it is God who enables us, and we are in … Continue reading

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