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New Heart

The human heart is beyond cure through human measures. When we trust in God, though, he gives us new hearts which are aligned with him: God will make you completely new if you surrender your life to Jesus today. Will … Continue reading

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New Calling New Self

Are we on a path toward new attitudes, new behaviours, and God’s righteousness and holiness?  That’s where we want to be, isn’t it?  That’s where God wants us to be.  And today, Paul writes that we are to put off … Continue reading

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Born Again III: New Creations

Over the last couple of days we have been looking at what it means to be born again, and today we reflect on the idea that when we are in Christ, we become new creations. No longer are we just flesh … Continue reading

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Patterns of Life

What pattern of behaviour marks my life?  Is it doing right and loving my brothers and sisters in this world, or is it continuing in the pattern of life focused on myself?  John lays out that if it looks like … Continue reading

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Saul: To Good To Be True?

I still remember my grandparents’ Christmas party in 1989.  One of their friends was somewhat influential in my life.  I looked up to this guy.  And then he found out I turned my life over to Jesus.  And he predicted … Continue reading

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