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Underground Persecuted

We are one church. One Church. One Body. The Body of Christ. And as such, what is happening to persecuted Christians globally is happening to all of us. God may well also visit the blessing of persecution on us. How … Continue reading

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Relentless Passion For Justice

Whether it is the expropriation of property through coercion or the selling of children into sex slavery, or forced labour of men and women around the world, God hears the cry of people suffering injustice. Do we hear? Are we … Continue reading

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Justice, Discipline, and a Heart for the Poor

Giving up my comfort and complacency to serve the poor and needy will demonstrate a heart for God which will favour and not discipline.  Today we look at Isaiah 10, in which Israel was caught on the wrong end of … Continue reading

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Pharaoh’s Prophecy

How long, oh Lord, will my enemy triumph over me?  David’s faithful cry is to trust in God’s unfailing love, even from the position of weakness and oppression and threat.  God hears his people and he will not tolerate evil … Continue reading

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Psalm 82 – Calling for God to Rise Up

Asaph is calling out for God to render judgment on the gods of his age.  These kings who oppress and take advantage of the poor and weak need to get their due, and so Asaph calls for God to act.  … Continue reading

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