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Fear of Man – Pleasing God

The things which please others will most often not be the things which please God. People pleasers are not God pleasers. Just like self-centred people are not God pleasers. Peer pressure is not unique to school children. So let’s look … Continue reading

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Remnant Burial

At personal cost and at the risk of extreme peer pressure, two men organized the burial of Jesus in the tomb of Joseph. They wrapped him in linen. They placed him in the tomb. They rolled the stone against the … Continue reading

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Follow Me

If your friends’ opinions are really important to you, this can lead you to make choices which you would not otherwise make. That’s peer pressure. By contrast, you will never go wrong following Jesus. Following Jesus puts us into the … Continue reading

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Jesus Yoke

Jesus invites us to take his yoke upon us. We are tempted to yoke ourselves improperly and unequally to people and things of the world close friendship, business partnership or romantic relationship. God foresees this will be a problem and … Continue reading

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Bad Company

Are you good company or bad company? Today we reflect on the idea that bad company corrupts good character. This isn’t about being a wet blanket or a finger pointer. This is about being good company, building up those around … Continue reading

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Pleasing God and Pleasing People

Let’s live in the moment. Not the physical moment. The spiritual moment. The Holy Spirit is here now, prompting your right response and validating your service to God. Value his feedback. Value his approval. More than anything. Don’t aim for … Continue reading

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Faith and Fortitude

Is peer pressure a big force in your life? Are you afraid of what humans will do to you? And does this pressure keep you from fully obeying God? God’s almighty power is greater than anything your contemporaries can muster. … Continue reading

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