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Destined for Trial – Relieved in Encouragement

Look around. See the people? See the trouble? Step in. Act. Strengthen. Encourage. Now. In this world we will have trouble, yet we are to take heart because Jesus has overcome the world. And we are to step in to … Continue reading

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Remnant in a Lost City

If there is a God, why isn’t he punishing bad people, and especially those who use religion as a shield – who give him a bad name?  Zephaniah teaches us today that God is still here, inhabiting a remnant.  He … Continue reading

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Relief in God’s Timing

God’s judgment is right and he is just.  Sometimes our endurance under our struggles, whether threat or bullying or persecution will not be resolved in our timing.  We often have to look upward in faith and proclaim: I’ll leave it … Continue reading

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Planning to be Unprepared

Trust in Jesus for every situation.  When you are persecuted or attacked, even for following God, make it your mission that he will be acknowledged as your Lord in front of all.  Leave the rest to him.  He will give … Continue reading

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Lions and the Rescue of God

Sometimes we are so afraid of the lions that we fail to place our faith in the rescue of God.  Daniel was faithful to the Lord and even though the king put him in with the lions, God protected Daniel.  … Continue reading

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Psalm 129 – Persecution and God’s Protection

We are pushed into God’s protective shelter by the words of Psalm 129.  No fear, yet full confidence in our Lord and Saviour.  Although we will have trouble in this world, God has overcome this world and all trouble in … Continue reading

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Secret Followers Proper Burial

Before the Sabbath started, the religious leaders wanted to make sure the none of the three crucified were still on the crosses.  Once Jesus was taken off the cross, Joseph and Nicodemus, who had been watching all this take place, … Continue reading

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