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Answer God’s Call

God had a plan for the prophet Jeremiah before his birth. Do you know God’s plan for you? Serve God when he calls you. We are to live lives worthy of the calling of God. Feeling unworthy? God has chosen … Continue reading

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Persevering in Faith

Perseverance is, for the follower of Jesus, essential to pleasing God.  Our walk of perseverance in following Jesus is a walk of faith, and our reward will often be found in heaven on not on earth.   In what area of … Continue reading

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Influence Accountability

When we see those whom we love heading down a wrong path, are we to stand by?  It hardly ever works to use power to correct behaviour, and so what influence and modeling and persuasive example can we offer those … Continue reading

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The Lord was ready to sift his people.  Even though they had gone astray, he knew there were good people in among the bad.  There were healthy wheat kernels in with the chaff.  He would restore the remnant of devoted … Continue reading

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Uncle Enoch

Enoch is the picture of faithfully walking with God.  He is mentioned only in a few texts in Scripture, yet I keep learning more from him every time we meet.  Enoch teaches us that without faith it is impossible to … Continue reading

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Psalm 19 – Precepts To Live By

On what basis do you live your life?  We all live by some code or creed, even if we make up our own.  I try to live mine by the precepts of God.  That’s not the law of God, because … Continue reading

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Pleasing God – One Day At A Time

What’s my goal?  Yesterday we talked about balancing the commitment to living out our calling in life with the desire for Heaven.  That sounds like aiming to please God in anticipation of eternity.  Now let’s see if I can pull … Continue reading

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