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Great Commissioning

Can you imagine a Great Commission that was not undergirded by the authority and presence of the risen Jesus? It would not be great. It would be empty. And so if people do not see Jesus in me, I’m not … Continue reading

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Trusting Jesus in the Boat

If Jesus is in your boat, trust him to get you to your destination safely. Don’t take matters into your own hands. Don’t overrule him and steer the boat where you want it to go. Have faith in the one … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Kingdom of God

What are you waiting for? We’re all waiting for something, yet if we think that we are waiting for God we are mistaken. The kingdom of God exists wherever God rules. Is your life surrendered to the rule and reign … Continue reading

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Venice: I Heard The Church Bells From Afar

What reminder do you have of God’s presence in your life? Does anything trigger you to stop and quiet your soul before the Lord? Today, watch for reminders that God is present and watching over you. Stop and listen to … Continue reading

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Defying the Presence of God

We often welcome God into our presence and ask him to be in the midst of our activity.   Today we consider a time in which God’s people were defying his glorious presence.  The truth is, if we cannot welcome God … Continue reading

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