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If our hearts are cleansed and pure and right, we will see God. Where? Here. There. Now. What we set our minds and hearts upon will influence our purity, and hallelujah, our redemption in Jesus includes the purity of Jesus … Continue reading

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Pure Heart For God

David knew how special it was to have the presence of the Holy Spirit and he relied upon the Spirit. So should we. In fact, we should seek the intimacy with God that David had at all times. We will … Continue reading

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Fatal Attractions

Adultery finishes in bitterness and tragedy. God’s will for us is to enjoy the blessing of God within the bounds of your marriage as we drink the fresh spring water from our own wells. Beware the smooth talk and sweet … Continue reading

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Light Within

What we see with our eyes and how we view the world impacts the light within us. The old computing adage of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ tells us that what we put in has to come out. Or worse: it … Continue reading

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Washed Hands, Unwashed Hearts

Is your faith more about the lip service or your heart dwelling close to God? Jesus shared the truth with this crowd: it is what comes out of us which defiles us. Worry less about how clean your hands are … Continue reading

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