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Jesus says now is the time to go and be reconciled to that person. God desires our peace with our brothers and sisters. How far do I need to go? As far…  As far as it depends on you. Which … Continue reading

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Them’s fighting words… Are you a lover or a fighter? Maybe both? Today we consider the importance of keeping the peace. Stop quarreling because it doesn’t get us anywhere and frankly, leads to sin… So let’s reconcile, heal, and live … Continue reading

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Greater Than Jacob?

Jesus is the one who destroys barriers and breaks down walls. In his sacrifice on the cross, he provided for a new humanity in which we are all together. No yours and mine.  Ours. In Jesus, we have the Lord … Continue reading

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Beyond Law to Grace

The mission of Jesus is fulfilled when we admit that we cannot meet the standard of God and shift our attention and emphasis to the one who loves us and wants to forgive us. Emphasizing law and rules pushes reconciliation … Continue reading

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Forgiving Enemies

A Lebanese Druze leader who had been involved in bombing her house was now visiting her health care facility, donating $25,000/year for the care of the elderly. This was a lesson in forgiveness and reconciliation for everyone in the room…

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