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Today we read about two people who both risked public humiliation by stepping forward to seek healing from Jesus.  We need more uncomfortable moments where it is less about how we look or public image and more about Jesus and … Continue reading

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Noble Challenge

Are you up to the noble challenge of leadership? Would you give you leadership responsibility based on what you know about you? Uh oh… Our reputation as leaders is built in the home, the public sphere, and in our own … Continue reading

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Armour of God II: Breastplate of Righteousness

Keep setting apart Christ as Lord in your heart. Keep doing God’s will. These are aspects of your life of righteousness that will shine through the smoke of accusation and slander. No one is perfect, yet our ongoing goal should … Continue reading

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Prison Break Redemption

Today we see Paul and Silas make an impact on a prison guard: he wanted to follow the Jesus they followed. How we act and react and talk and walk makes a profound impact on those around us, affecting how … Continue reading

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Esteemed of God

If you could be rich or have a good name, which would you choose?  Today we see that a good name – a positive reputation in the community – is of great value.  To be esteemed is better than silver … Continue reading

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Faith, Risk, and Restoration

What would you risk to come to Jesus with your need?  Would be seen before your community as broken?  What will they think of you for going to Jesus? Is it worth coming to Jesus today?  The story of Jairus … Continue reading

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Character Check

Keep taking the high road.  Keep your character in check and your actions above reproach.  If we make godly decisions and follow the path of truth and good conduct, our reputation will take care of itself.  God is there to … Continue reading

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