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Tempter Coming

Satan is always active, yet we can expect him to attack during our weak times. When are you most at risk of attack? Do you put on a front and a facade of stability and strength even in those times? … Continue reading

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Fighting the Urge to Return to Old Ways

As our flesh battles with our spirits for authority over our attitudes and actions, God calls us by his Holy Spirit to a better way. Although none of us are immune to the draw of our folly, we should stand … Continue reading

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Temptation is everywhere and still, we downplay temptation. We think we are bulletproof, yet our resilience to withstand temptation is rather flimsy. We need to pray that God will protect us from temptation and deliver us from the evil one’s … Continue reading

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Resilient and Rejoicing

When we face obstacles or consequences or defeat in serving Jesus, don’t be surprised. Rather, respond as the apostles did. Rejoice. Then get up and brush yourself off and keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Persevere…

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Go Right Or Left

Feeling like nothing is going right?  Go left.  Just keep going.  We might be unsure where we are going, yet don’t lose heart, and remember that Jesus gave his life for you and me.  And so even though things may … Continue reading

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