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Lamb of God VIII: From Before Creation to New Heaven & Earth

From before the creation of the world to the creation of the new heaven and earth, Jesus is the Lamb of God. We are redeemed from our impurity to become pure and righteous because of Jesus’ sacrifice as the Lamb … Continue reading

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God’s Rescue and Wrath

For many, the perspective of God as an active force of wrath or grace is diminished. Is he there? Does he care? We see through four examples today that God knows how to rescue the godly and hold the unrighteous … Continue reading

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Love Abounding in Insight

Our righteousness is all about love. We might think righteousness is about keeping God’s commands. We need to realize how wrong that idea is. Our righteousness comes from Christ, not because of what we do, but because of what God … Continue reading

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Two Tickets To Paradise

Entrance to heaven is only for ticket-holders. Here’s the good news: You do not have to be a perfect person to have your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  God has made entrance to heaven a free gift … Continue reading

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Judge Within

One role within the church is hold ourselves accountable and build each other up to follow Christ. We do not, however, have a mandate to judge anyone outside of the church. It’s none of our business. So church, take a … Continue reading

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Plumb Line Revival

We are called to revival today, back to Jesus, who is God’s ultimate standard of plumb in our world. This is away from our own ideas of right and wrong toward Jesus’ standard: he is the cornerstone in the spiritual … Continue reading

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Stumbling Toward the Divine

Many people are entirely zealous for God and want desperately to understand spiritual things and reach God. Often, they establish their own path and find dead ends. Today the apostle Paul helps us understand how to connect with God through … Continue reading

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