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Revelation Traction

Like other famous people, Jesus needed an inner circle. You can ask your inner circle the truth. They will give you the straight goods. So today we see Jesus checking in with his squad, if you will. The answers he … Continue reading

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Passable Roads to Jesus

Those who take up the example of John the Baptist in making the way straight for Jesus to change the lives of others are intentional. They invest time with people to identify with them, share struggles, value them, love them, … Continue reading

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Good News Cycle

We are either hearing the good news of Jesus, engaging in it to determine if it is true, or spreading it to others. Where are you at in the good news of Jesus? Today we watch the shepherds go through … Continue reading

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Comfort Zone Gospel

How far will you go outside of your comfort zone and into the world to bring back those who are lost through the amazing gospel of Jesus, who died for those souls? Jesus was willing to suffer and surrender his … Continue reading

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Salty Agape

As we share our stories with our friends, we can pray that they will apply some of the ideas and lessons we have learned toward their own lives. We’ll need wisdom overseeing us, desire to inspire others, grace framing our … Continue reading

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