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Relentless Passion For Justice

Whether it is the expropriation of property through coercion or the selling of children into sex slavery, or forced labour of men and women around the world, God hears the cry of people suffering injustice. Do we hear? Are we … Continue reading

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Freedom into Family and Community

When we consider freedom in relationship to God, it is always from being enslaved into new life with God in community and family. That’s freedom. And it is a different definition of freedom than what the world teaches. Not autonomous. … Continue reading

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Master Class

I’m in Jesus’ master class.  The great news is that we can follow and obey the master of righteousness. We can be mastered by the one who sets us free, rather than things which control us. Consider joining me in … Continue reading

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Our Offer

Christians, we are called to volunteer: We can offer ourselves to sin or to obedience to God. Sin leads to shame and death and obedience to God leads to righteousness, holiness, and eternal life. It’s our choice… What choice will … Continue reading

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Free to Go Back on My Word

In what areas, in which I know God’s expectations and principles for me, have I gone my own way to suit my own corruption and self-centredness? To see the people go back on their own word is infuriating to the … Continue reading

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