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The Power of the Spiritual World

We don’t struggle against flesh and blood, yet we think more about the obstacles which are in front of us than the ones which are unseen. And our culture esteems selfish spirituality where the spirit world serves us and we … Continue reading

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Our Battle

It is important that we stop thinking about our battles being against other humans. Our battle is not with flesh and blood.  We are in a spiritual battle in life in which our souls are the spoils of battle.  And … Continue reading

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Strong and Courageous

Even when we are faced with peace and quiet and the appearance of everything going our way, be strong and courageous.  Be ready and suited up with your armour because as we serve the Lord, there will be opposition in … Continue reading

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Jesus reveals to Simon Peter some of the spiritual forces at work in the realms of the unseen.  Satan had asked God for permission to sift the disciples like wheat.  Sounds like a Job experience brewing.  And God is letting … Continue reading

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The Return of the Big Wet Dirty Dog

Ever feel like your body is heading in one direction and your mind in another?  Maybe that’s what Monday mornings are like for you.  Or maybe you’re in the wrong job.  Or maybe you’re trying to stop eating chips.  This … Continue reading

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Modern Warfare II – Spirit Battle!

Yesterday as we realized that the circumstances of Judas betrayal of Jesus play out in the spiritual realm, I left thinking about application to my own life and family, and starting thinking about my goals.  I believe I have a … Continue reading

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