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The Power of the Spiritual World

We don’t struggle against flesh and blood, yet we think more about the obstacles which are in front of us than the ones which are unseen. And our culture esteems selfish spirituality where the spirit world serves us and we … Continue reading

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Strong and Courageous

Even when we are faced with peace and quiet and the appearance of everything going our way, be strong and courageous.  Be ready and suited up with your armour because as we serve the Lord, there will be opposition in … Continue reading

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Higher Purpose Character

Have you ever thought that our character could be of value in the spiritual, heavenly realm?  We often consider our character to be of value to us as we live our lives and make a difference, yet to God, there … Continue reading

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Baja 7 – Spiritual Warfare

Our houses will be mostly finished today.  Today is a very important day in our week. And it’s starting with disruption. Last night we had our first obstacle. Something is wrong in our finances and we didn’t anticipate the exchange … Continue reading

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Modern Warfare – More Than A Video Game

As my son plays with the toy guns of this millennium (Call Of Duty / Modern Warfare), I’m thinking about the ancient, modern, and future warfare that exists in the spiritual realm.  I’m convicted that even though we have much … Continue reading

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