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Surrendering Plans For Tomorrow

Keep working toward plans and goals which reflect the good works and the life God has for you. This is a perspective that frames our goal-setting and action-plans and personal development. Do it all in the context of God’s will. … Continue reading

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Surrender & Submission

Our confidence is that if we are called to step up, God will equip us and strengthen us and hold us up to accomplish his will. Yet if God does call us to walk a difficult path, surrender and submission … Continue reading

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Arm Candy

Our call today is for foot-washing husbands and loving, respectful wives to submit to one another out of reverence to Christ.  It’s time to rethink our attitudes.  The church is Jesus’ bride, not arm-candy.  And this should influence our attitudes … Continue reading

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Humility and Submission

To the elders, Peter says be watchful and caring and serving.  To the younger, he says submit to your elders.  And to all, he says to clothe ourselves with humility.  Humility is a game-changer in understanding how to lead and … Continue reading

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Won Without Words

In all relationships, the Christian should reflect Jesus so that even those who do not believe the word of God might be won over without words.  Today Peter talks about how this plays out in a marriage relationship in which … Continue reading

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David is King and God is God

David was determined to bring the ark into Jerusalem.  After the first attempt, in which Uzzah touched the ark and died, David left the ark at the house of Obed-Edom, who was blessed by God as long as the ark … Continue reading

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Eve’s Curse

When God responds to the sin of Adam and Eve and the action of the serpent (Satan) in the Garden of Eden, he lays out the effect of their sin.  Our resulting curses play out in the unredeemed world we … Continue reading

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