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Fear of the Lord VI: Trust in God

If our reverence for God is low our trust in God will be lower. At the Red Sea, when Israel saw God’s hand clearly move in their lives, saving them, they feared him and trusted him. God has shown us … Continue reading

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Paths Straight

We will tend to lean on our own understanding and our own ways. That’s a default setting in our self-reliance and self-sufficiency. God wants us to submit all our ways to him so we can find the straight paths he … Continue reading

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Leadership Faith

How much of your leadership is trusting God for his promise? Maybe more should be. Step into faith more. Lead in faith. Many of us don’t desire to step into leading roles, yet we find in the example of Moses … Continue reading

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Raise Your Ebenezer

Where is your confidence? In you? In your ability? Are you in a state of pride before God? He wants your surrender. He wants your humility. So humble yourself before him. Recognize his hand of help. Raise your Ebenezer and … Continue reading

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Prison Break Redemption

Today we see Paul and Silas make an impact on a prison guard: he wanted to follow the Jesus they followed. How we act and react and talk and walk makes a profound impact on those around us, affecting how … Continue reading

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Open and Obedient to Miracles

We should lead the way in being willing to follow the direction of God even though it confounds our thinking, popular thinking, logic, or reason. From spending time with Jesus, we should no longer be set in our ways, but … Continue reading

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Worry, Wealth, and Trusting God

The flip side of worry is not peace or contentment. It is seeking God and investing in his kingdom. Instead of trusting God, we often trust wealth and possession. Do not worry about your life. God has our lives in … Continue reading

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