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Free in the Truth

Jesus gives freedom through the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes the truth is not what we want to hear. With Jesus, however, there is freedom in the truth. We find it by continuing in Jesus’ word and admitting what … Continue reading

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Incensed by Pride

When pride swells, we think our rights swell and we impose ourselves on others. We learn this today from the life of King Uzziah, whose pride made him unfaithful to God. God will not be mocked, and Uzziah found himself … Continue reading

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In Bed With The World

Where are you flirting or even cheating with the world? The Lord doesn’t appreciate when we flaunt our relationship with the world before him. We embrace the world, and then ask God why he is angry. Meanwhile, God is watching … Continue reading

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Worldliness Lip Service

Worldliness puts us in a position of unfaithfulness in our relationship with God. He desires to be our first love, while we think that if we keep bringing offerings he won’t notice.  We honour him with lip service while our … Continue reading

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Luggage of Shame

How are you counting yourself today?  Are you stuck carrying the luggage of sin around like it’s still alive or have you let go of your shame and unfaithfulness and will you count yourself alive to God today?  It is … Continue reading

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