Passing on the Faithful

Today I look forward 30 years at my future impact. I saw one of my spiritual parents this week who shared Christ with me 30 years ago. As we reminisced, I was inspired by his hope in God and love for others to pour that into others based on his example… Continue reading

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Adopted by Abba

Call out to Abba. Call out to the Father. Call him by name. He knows yours. And he wants to be your Father today…  Jesus came as the Son to make us sons and daughters of God. Not far off. Right here. Right now. For you. For me. Would you call out to Abba today? Continue reading

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Transparency Key to Community

Tell the truth. Commit to unity. Live in community. In the church, transparency is crucial for community. When we lie to each other it erodes the unity which Jesus prayed we would enjoy. How can we be of one heart and mind if we are not being honest with each other? Continue reading

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Pleasing God and Pleasing People

Let’s live in the moment. Not the physical moment. The spiritual moment. The Holy Spirit is here now, prompting your right response and validating your service to God. Value his feedback. Value his approval. More than anything. Don’t aim for human approval… Continue reading

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Reach Glory In Faith

Today we realize that our sin keeps us from acceptability to God. We cannot do anything in our power to fix that. Jesus can. And did. And so, today let’s look to Jesus. Consider trusting him in faith to fix that for you. Stop falling short. Reach glory. In faith… Continue reading

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The ideal in relationship with God is to be wholehearted and undivided for the Lord. Are you wholehearted or half-hearted in your devotion to God today? Is your devotion to the Lord undivided or divided today? Jesus must be on the throne of my life in every area… Continue reading

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Can’t Stop Talking About Jesus

The Holy Spirit had come upon the disciples to give them a confidence and power to boldly share the truth of Jesus. I need that confidence and power today – do you? My life has been completely changed by Jesus. And now I can’t help talking about what he has done! Continue reading

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