Impressed With Your Own Wisdom

If we want to be on the right path, then humility before God is the place to start, and live, and finish. Then he can show us which path to take. If you are impressed with your own wisdom, smarts, or expertise, listen up and humble yourself in the sight of the Lord! Continue reading

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Love and Faithfulness

What can you do today to bind love and faithfulness into your life? If we show God’s love and faithfulness to the world, we will win favour and a good name in the sight of God and others. We have to keep them in the forefront though so we can practice what we believe! Continue reading

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Come Lord Jesus

Lord, give us your perspective. Give us your heart for the world and for eternity. May our focus and energy and investment be all about eternity and Jesus returning. Then we can say, like John the Revelator, “Come, Lord Jesus, Come!” Continue reading

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Your Ears Your Head God’s Wisdom

The reality is that God has put your ears on your head. You get to decide if you listen. Be clear on God’s advice and the consequences. Choose carefully. The wisdom of God is available and rich to inform your life if you will hearken toward its voice… Continue reading

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If you rejoice in circumstances and then choose only the glass-half-full moments to rejoice in, you are missing out on the comfort and strength and hope which comes from rejoicing in the ever-present Lord Almighty who carries us and supports and loves and keeps us… Continue reading

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Enticed and Entangled

Need a quick fix or a way out? If you are in a jam or need to get out of a situation, beware of the path to your goal that no one will ever find out about…. This path entangles a person more and more until they lose the life they were trying to save and improve… Continue reading

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Look Up To The Maker

As our Maker, God knows the trials we face. He knows the world in which we live. He created it. He watches over us in all things, so look to him. Lift your eyes up to him. Rely on him for help in this crazy world of life, death, joy, and storms. Our Maker cares for us. Continue reading

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