Adding Insult to Exile

Oftentimes, God uses our circumstances to try to get our attention and show us that we are off course in our relationship with him. Going further afield only makes things worse. The first question to ask is, “Am I serving God and living for him wholeheartedly?” Continue reading

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Reconciliation in the Abundant Life

Have you heard there are three sides to every story: yours, mine, and the truth? Today we see that one of the sides of stories of conflict is the devil’s, who would prefer we not seek peace.  Not on my watch. Reconciliation is a core part of abundant life in Christ! Continue reading

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Welcoming the Kingdom of Righteousness

In the faithfulness of God, Jesus was sent to earth to be born, live, and die for us. His reign of righteousness was counter-cultural and anti-religious – a movement of peace, love, and forgiveness. Will you welcome his kingdom now into your life? Continue reading

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No Turning Back

At our best and most reflective times, we desire to follow God with earnest. In the pressure cooker of life, though, we fall victim to our weakness. We need perseverance to stay fixed on Jesus – strength in the Lord to stand for him and not turn back. What hinders you? Continue reading

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Aiming For Influence

Our devotion to God doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Even in walking steadfastly with God, with blessing coming our ways, our impact on other people and even our own children may not be what we hope. This is the reality of our world this side of heaven… Continue reading

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Babylon Falling

Look to God for hope and salvation in the face of your toughest times and most oppressive battles.  He is our victory.  And our understanding and appreciation of his grace shines in contrast to evil and oppression. Evil will fall to the power of God our Saviour! Continue reading

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Scarecrows in Cucumber Fields

My mental state, level of worry, and confidence falls too often on the circumstances of my life going my way. When we put hope and confidence in the world and its treasures, we stop relying on God as much. God is the only one who can provide for all our needs… Continue reading

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