Righteous Indignation

I want to be righteous.  And right.  Maybe not in that order. Job, like us, had too little an understanding of the relationship of the Potter and the clay.  We often want to justify ourselves even more than we desire for God to be just and right in our lives… Continue reading

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His Glory Falls

How has God been good to you and shown his unfailing love to you and those around you?  The glory and grace of God is falling upon us again today.  We live in that holy place the priests were unable to enter: in Jesus, God lives with us and in us with enduring love! Continue reading

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The Refiner Comes

Are you looking for a sign? Are you looking for your personal proof which will give you faith?  Notice that in the Bible, once the Lord came people weren’t as interested as they are with the hope and the fable and the idea. It’s still the same now, and the Refiner comes… Continue reading

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Sin, Stinkweed, and Hiding

Are your dealings with other people fair and upright? Do you rejoice when your enemy encounters misfortune? Even more than that, if we struggle with these things, do we then hide them because we fear what people will say more than we fear the Lord who sees all? Continue reading

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Rejoicing and Suffering in the Body

Sometimes we don’t want to suffer with others.  Sometimes we want to be insulated from their stresses and struggles.  If you are a member of the Body of Christ, however, you wade in, rejoicing with others in joy and walking alongside in struggle – that’s the Body! Continue reading

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Dwelling with the Uncontainable God

God desires to dwell with his people and he wants us to seek him.  In his presence, we can rejoice in his goodness and receive his great love of God.  We rely on God’s promises made to us by the Lord Jesus, whose name is Immanuel: God with us…
Continue reading

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Worldliness Lip Service

Worldliness puts us in a position of unfaithfulness in our relationship with God. He desires to be our first love, while we think that if we keep bringing offerings he won’t notice.  We honour him with lip service while our hearts are far away… Continue reading

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