Celebrate Grace

Celebrate the grace you have received. Pass that grace on. You are free in Christ.  Still, we leave people in bondage in the name of legalism. And most importantly, when we do, we do not follow Jesus. Serving law over grace violates the new covenant of Jesus… Continue reading

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Worry, Wealth, and Trusting God

The flip side of worry is not peace or contentment. It is seeking God and investing in his kingdom. Instead of trusting God, we often trust wealth and possession. Do not worry about your life. God has our lives in his hands. Set your heart on that confidence today! Continue reading

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Abundance in Possessions

Jesus confronts one of the most common issues we all face: greed. If we can surrender our things to God and consider our wealth to be his wealth, our abundance will be in the life of Jesus rather than misplaced in the lifeless possessions we have for now… Continue reading

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Looking Good

Are you concerned about appearances? Many of us are. We want to look good, not only physically, yet also intellectually and spiritually. Our desire to look good comes from a desire to be good. Jesus is clear: we cannot be good by pridefully focusing on the external… Continue reading

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Light Health Check

Look into the mirror. Look into your eyes. Time for a health-check. Your eye is the lamp of your body. So today, let’s consider our state of spiritual health and take a good long look in the mirror. Are we walking in the light where God is? If not, we can change directions now. Continue reading

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Prayer Need

Jesus says ask, seek, and knock.  The answers to our prayers are based on God’s tremendous and unending love for us.  And the first thing we need in our times of intense request to God is… God. God gives his Spirit first and foremost to those who seek him. Continue reading

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Live at His Feet

How much effort you extend and whether you are working more than your neighbour is less important than whether you are listening intently to Jesus in your life and making him the focal point. Are you keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus at all times in your life? Continue reading

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