Montreux II: Talent, Gifting, and Dying as a Copy

0.5% variation exists in the genes of humans, so aren’t we just all the same? “Fight all of your life to not die as a copy.” Surrender to the Lord to produce in you the image of the Lord Jesus whom God sent to live and die and rise, all for you. Continue reading

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Montreux I: End of Myself – Beginning of Wisdom

Yesterday, I was reflecting on how God knows EVERYTHING. I relearned this through Sergio the Omniscient, who was our hotelier in Venezia. This morning, I am listening to a scholar from Vienna speaking about knowledge, which links to our fear and worry… Continue reading

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Venice II: Sergio the Omniscient

Yesterday we met Sergio the Omniscient. We were staying one night in Venezia at the Hotel Flora – a very beautiful little hotel on a private garden a short walk to San Marco. Sergio greeted us at the hotel and proved he knew EVERYTHING before we arrived. Continue reading

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Split: Ivan the Croatian Barber

I get my hair cut every two weeks. I have been away for two weeks and I have one week to go. Obviously I feel like a wooly mammoth. So in Split, Croatia in Diocletian’s Palace, which is their Old Town, I went looking for a barber… Continue reading

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Athens: The Unknown God Unknown Again?

In Athens I could see how a people could become immune to ideas of truth and redemption and peace, as their land was invaded century after century.  When religion is engraved on the stick beating you, it will likely not become your desired world view… Continue reading

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Katakolon: Games For Idols

The Living God is so close – not far from any one of us – yet so often we choose human-invented idols and ideas. God is spirit. Only in Jesus, do we see the Word of God become flesh and dwell among us. Not invented or fashioned by human hands or ideas… Continue reading

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Montenegro: St. Francis of the Hillside

I asked him his name and he said it didn’t matter. My impression was that tourist hikers come and go. No point in sharing names. We will move on and he will continue to live on the back side of this mountain. Our encounter will remain with us forever… Continue reading

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