The Religious, Sinners, and the Kingdom of God

The religious people in Jesus’ time actually told him they didn’t need him when he came to give them abundant life. They were self-righteous and saw themselves as holy. Don’t be like them. They had it wrong and they missed out. We all need God’s grace even now! Continue reading

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Good Father Example

Everyone has their own stories of what God is like. Today we see that by approaching others like a parent cares for a child, we can help people see God in a different light. If we encourage and comfort people, we may get an invitation to urge them further in their faith. Continue reading

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Selfless Worship

Jesus’ close friend Mary worshiped him by breaking an expensive bottle of perfume on his feet. Jesus had resurrected her brother, Lazarus, and Mary showed her gratitude. How will you worship him for his sacrifice and blessing today? He gave his life for you… Continue reading

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Status, Prominence, and the Stewardship of Service

It’s time to better align our thoughts and attitudes and behaviours to Jesus’ example and teaching: If we desire to be great, we need to serve. Often, though, we focus on status and prominence over servanthood, missing the model of leadership Jesus showed us… Continue reading

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The Generous Landowner

We sometimes think we are more deserving of God’s blessings than others. Today we see that God is the landowner. His fairness is to be generous to all workers in his field. And that means we should stop looking at our neighbours and simply receive God’s blessings… Continue reading

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One Thing You Lack

When Jesus confronts us with the thing that is more important to us than him, we should pay attention. Because that thing is an idol. It is an object of more value in our eyes than God. That’s what an idol is. Give it up. Give it over. Follow Jesus only… Continue reading

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Humble View of Others

Some of us look down our noses at others, thinking we are better and quietly growing our pride. The truth is that all of us have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Jesus says if we are humble, we will be exalted and if we are exalting ourselves, we will be humbled… Continue reading

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