Turn Around

The Spirit is in us. He might be stifled by our sin and wrong directions at times, yet he is still there. If we surrender to him and focus on living for God, we will be restored and will begin producing fruit again. Come alive again in your surrender to God today! Continue reading

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Holy Spirit Filled Light Walk

Moving from darkness into light, today we are reminded that God wants us to be filled by the Holy Spirit. To be led by the Holy Spirit. To be controlled by the Holy Spirit. If we surrender to the Spirit, we will be living out what pleases the Lord in our relationships. Continue reading

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Hope Overflows

Hope is derailed by the world. Every day. Hope is pulled back by the behaviour of people who fail, like you and me. In the joy of our salvation and the peace of Jesus, though, we can be hopeful, looking forward in anticipation of today and our glorious eternity… Continue reading

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Holy Spirit Hope

Our hope is in the kingdom of God being fully realized in heaven, which is made possible by Jesus, who lived and died for us and who promised us the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is within us, pouring God’s love into our lives as a guarantee of our future promise… Continue reading

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Turning Back to God

God’s love is so great he can forgive our worst sins: turn to God, he forgives! We aren’t free from consequences, though. Restoration is about our relationship with God. We may bear the impacts and scars of our sin for much longer in life… Continue reading

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Prayer Direction

The most important orientation in my prayer is not physical. The direction of my heart in wholehearted devotion to God is the posture of prayer which pleases the Lord. Bow before the Lord. Be wholehearted in continuing in his ways. Raise up your prayer… Continue reading

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Worthy to Come to God

When you have sinned, come to God in confidence that he loves you, will separate you from your sin entirely, and will cleanse you in the grace of Jesus who died for you and for that sin. God is pleased to have us as children. He is pleased to accept us. Come to him! Continue reading

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