Compassion Fulfills Greatest Commandment

What angers God? The hardness of the religious to the compassion of God. People who claim to follow God who then withhold the compassion of toward others make him angry. Today we see this in the example of Jesus healing the man’s hand on the Sabbath… Continue reading

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Judging on the Sabbath

Jesus himself is Lord of the Sabbath, and it was made for us to have rest and reflection on the goodness of creation and our relationship with our Maker. It is good to stop. Don’t make it a reason to judge or criticize others. You’re missing the point… Continue reading

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Jesus and Father: One

Jesus clearly taught us that he and the Father are equal and so connected that you cannot love one without the other, honour one without the other, or disrespect one without the other. He gave us the example of joining the Father at work in our world. Follow him… Continue reading

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Chase Jesus: He is Able

Do you believe that I am able to do this? That’s Jesus’ question to the blind guys.  Let’s consider this important question in light of our own lives and needs and our willingness to cry out to God with the things which matter most to us… Continue reading

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Putting Faith in Faith

Faith is critical, yet don’t put your faith in faith. That’s the point. Jesus told this woman, who was in a terrible and desperate situation, that her faith made her well. As we look deeper, we see that the power in the situation came from Jesus, the object of her faith. Continue reading

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Moses wore a veil so the Israelites wouldn’t see the radiance of God’s glory on his face. In Jesus Christ the veil is taken away. In fact, whenever someone turns to the Lord, the veil is lifted. Would you choose to live unveiled and let the glory of God shine out from you? Continue reading

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New Wine Freedom

It’s Jesus we are following. Not the church. Not current tradition. Not your human rules. The new covenant doesn’t fit the old cloth or old wineskin. Jesus came to free us up from the burdens of rules through a new covenant of grace which is found in following him… Continue reading

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