Author of Redemption Cares For You

The Lord is revealing his plan to his people, and the news is his. God is the author of the redemption of his people and has a plan in your circumstance.  Raise your hope to the one who adopted you before he made the world to be his child. The Lord loves you! Continue reading

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Left Here With Purpose

Jesus asked not that his Father would take us from this world. He left us here, and Jesus’ confidence to keep us here was based on his leaving us with the word of God. Word: we’re here for this job. We are here to share his message of love and freedom. Be up for it… Continue reading

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Maker Worthy of Trust

In whom do you trust? Maker: God is the one who founded the earth by is power and wisdom and understanding. His role as supreme Creator exemplifies his authority and power. And God is your Portion. He is your fulfillment. He is worthy of your trust! Continue reading

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Idol Battle and God From Birth to Old Age

Count on it and count yourself dead to self and idols and alive to the God who has been there for you from birth to now to your old age. Why? Because God is bringing his rescue. His deliverance. He will save. He will answer. He will move. Will you make your move? Continue reading

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Irrevocable Invitation to be Saved

The Lord invites us to turn to him. We need this invitation. There are so many things in our world to which we turn instead of the Lord. That’s why he calls and invites us to find salvation in him. He wants to save us. Will you listen and turn toward Jesus who calls you? Continue reading

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Set Your Mind On Things Above

Where is your focus? On things above or on earthly things? Focus is a matter of the heart and of the mind. And we will look more like Jesus when we set out hearts and minds on the things of heaven. Maybe it’s time for a re-focus in your life… Continue reading

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Lessons From Panajachel: Giving Back

Where are you giving back? Where are you serving God and others to show the next generation how it’s done? Consider what you can do with the blessing God has given you. If you have reaped, how about sowing back into the field from which you came? Continue reading

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