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Good News Call

When the kingdom of God comes near, exciting life change is afoot. Jesus brought the kingdom of God near to us. “I will send you out to fish for people.” Is God stirring in you? Can you hear his call … Continue reading

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Active Word of God

God’s word is alive and active. The gospel of Jesus cuts through the mind’s rationalizations and the justifications of the heart. God knows and sees. It is all visible to him even before we act. Invite God to use his … Continue reading

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When we confess before God, we go from being out of fellowship with God to being in fellowship with the Saviour. Agree with God that your conduct is not reflective of his calling on your life. Turn in the other … Continue reading

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Repentance: Turn Back

Repentance is an essential action in our relationships with Jesus. The loving God who created us desires to have full and healthy relationship with us. When we turn away, we no longer face toward him and we need to turn … Continue reading

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Justified Judge

Confession and contrition should be a regular and typical posture for each of us. Abandon self-righteousness and take on the contrite heart of a sinner saved by grace. Truth is, most of us say, let God judge. Just judge someone … Continue reading

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Clay Surrender

We cannot rely on our own judgement when we are in surrender. That would be like the clay saying to the potter, “You know nothing.” Our way led us astray. Surrender is allowing God to determine where you go next, … Continue reading

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Sins Wiped Out

Sins wiped out: no matter what we have done, God gives us the opportunity to repent and turn to him. Today we see even those who conspired to arrest and kill the Lord Jesus were offered the chance to turn … Continue reading

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