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Find Rest

Find rest. The path to finding rest is the path of learning from Jesus, who will reveal God to us if we can take up gentleness and humility. So cast off your wisdom and arrogance. Come to Jesus, all you … Continue reading

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Freedom Life Transformation

God will reveal himself to us when we turn our hearts toward the Lord. And in this revelation from the Father, through Jesus, the Spirit brings us freedom and life as we are transformed in ever-increasing glory into his likeness.

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Teacher or Messiah?

You can believe in Jesus as a great teacher without ever acknowledging him as the Messiah who came to save the world. To acknowledge him as Messiah would mean we would have to confess that we are sinners who need … Continue reading

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From Foolishness to Power

Without the Spirit at work within a person, there is no comprehension of the power of the cross. God works through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to open the eyes and hearts of people to his love … Continue reading

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Revelation in Suffering

God is always revealing himself to us. Maybe when you are in the middle of trouble and trial you should look up and ask God what he is revealing to you. Oftentimes our suffering is permitted by God so that … Continue reading

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